Capture of Monterey, California, by the United States Navy in 1842

[NOTE: This document can be found starting on page 33 of Taking Possession of Monterey. 27th Congress, 3d session, House Executive Document 166, 1—117]

No. 15.


From Commodore Jones to General Micheltorena

Flag ship United States.

Monterey Bay, October 21, 1848.

By the courier who will bring this, your excellency will receive information of what has occurred here within the three days last past.

The surrender of Monterey was required in consequence of the circular addressed by his excellency General Santa Anna, President of Mexico, to the diplomatic corps residing in that capital, in which his excellency declares hostilities conditionally against the United Slates.

After the signature of the capitulation, which, as your excellency will observe, has been as honorable for Mexico as circumstances would permit, I have received new communications from Mexico, which induce me to believe that friendly relations have been re-established between the two nations.

Being desirous, however, to terminate every measure which would tend to give any idea of the continuance of hostilities between the two nations, all offensive operations cease from this moment, and I restore the Mexican authorities exactly as they were on the 19th of the present month.

I have the honor, sir, to assure you of my great respect, and am your Obedient servant,


Commander of the Naval Forces of the United States.