Capture of Monterey, California, by the United States Navy in 1842

[NOTE: This document can be found starting on page 32 of Taking Possession of Monterey. 27th Congress, 3d session, House Executive Document 166]

No. 13

From Don Mariano Silva to General Don Manuel Micheltorena

Monterey, October 21, 1842.

Most Excellent Sir: Just now, four o’clock in: the afternoon, the affair has ended happily; for, on going to the house of the Governor, I found there the second officer in command of the United States troops, who exhibited a document, which, on being read by a person acquainted with the language set forth that the commodore in command of the vessels declares the business to be ended; that the place and castle had been taken in consequence of a mistaken belief that his nation was at war with ours ; and that the troops of Monterey might therefore occupy the points which they ha quitted, and hoist the Mexican flag, which would be saluted from his ships; and that he should not sail until you had arrived at this place, in order to answer any charge which you might make. I am now engaged in collecting the troops which had been scattered, and in providing for the maintenance of public order.

In addressing to you this communication, I have the pleasure to repeat to you the assurances of my respect and particular esteem.