Capture of Monterey, California, by the United States Navy in 1842

[NOTE: This document can be found starting on page 32 of Taking Possession of Monterey. 27th Congress, 3d session, House Executive Document 166]

No. 12.

From, Juan Baptista Alvarado to General Don Manuel Micheltorena, and etc.

October 21, 1842 Juan Baptista Alvarado to General Micheltorena

Monterey, October 21, 1842.

Most Excellent Sir : My heart bounds with joy in my bosom at being able to send you, herewith, the translation of a note which was delivered to me at three in the evening, by an officer despatched by the commodore of the naval forces of the United States.

The national flag waves in this port, and has been saluted by the said forces, which are now evacuating the place.

The letter from the said commodore, addressed to you, will accompany this; and I shall say no more, in order not to delay the despatch of news so agreeable.

The ships of war await your excellency at this place, m order to satisfy you, in the name of their nation, and to answer the charge which may be brought against them.

The joy of the people is complete ; all the inhabitants of this place have fulfilled their duties as good Mexicans.

I congratulate your excellency, and assure you of my respect and consideration.